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SPICEBOMB: Men's Cologne By Viktor & Rolf

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Spice Bomb: Men's Cologne by Viktor & Rolf

Spice Bomb came on to the market in early 2012 and is a sophisticated wood and spice composition. It's got sensual undertones, without being heavy or overtly vying for your noses attention.  We selected it for our 2012 Holiday Men's gift guide becuase of the number of compliments we've got from diverse people since we bouth it. Guys and Gals across all age groups have asked "what are you wearing" and that's the million dollar question when it comes to cologne (assuming they don't go running in the opposite direction once you tell them of course)  :) 


Why He'll Love it:

Alot of people consider buying cologne and parfume risky business in that it's too personal and too subjective. We think a bit differently in that a gift like this shows that you know a person well and makes it a gift with some intamecy. For that reason alone your guy will love any cologne you get him, but let us help you a bit here and recommend the super sexy SPICE BOMB by Viktor and Rolf (for women readers these were the designers of the mega popular flower bomb perfume which you have have worn or heard of).     



Where to get it:




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